Smallwares Manufacturers – Up-to-Date Catalogues Help Your Customers

This week’s topic addresses smallwares manufacturers and the need to ensure the catalogues you submit as part of your media are up to date. This issue is specific to smallwares publishers because your catalogue pages tend to show multiple products that can change frequently.

Your customers depend on the CQ Catalogue to build quotes and purchase orders. When the CQ Catalogue shows correct product information such as colour choices, styles or package count but is inconsistent with the catalogue pages you submitted as part of your media, your customers may get confused and could:

  • Create quotes that are incorrect
  • Generate unnecessary calls to your customer service people
  • Bypass your products and move on to your competitors

To determine if you need to submit updated catalogues, do one of the following:

  • Ask your CQ Content Manager. They can tell you what catalogue dates/versions are currently in the CQ Catalogue.
  • Download the pages for each of your products from the CQ Catalogue and check the dates/versions.

Your Content Manager may also contact you if we find errors with your catalogue pages or if they appear to be severely out of date. However, please don’t wait for us to contact you – your customers deserve to have your catalogue in-sync with CQ.

Tip: Reduce the time it takes to update your product catalogue by including an index.

A final note – having an index with your catalogue is extremely helpful. It allows us to match and upload your pages to the related CQ Catalogue listings in a fraction of the time.

If you have questions about this post, email All catalogue uploads should go to your Content Manager. Because catalogues are usually such large files, please work with us to use file-sharing sites like Dropbox, or give us direct access to your network via File Transfer Protocol (FTP).