Manufacturers – Provide More Info with “DocLinks”

As a manufacturer, you know that dealers, consultants and reps are constantly looking for more – and better – information when selecting products and accessories for a quote. Within CQ, the application gives those who publish in our Catalogue a variety of ways to present additional information, which we define collectively as “media.” One of the ways you can supply different documents that will grab the attention of your customers is through “DocLinks.” In the graphic, you’ll find a comprehensive (but not all-inclusive) list of the items you can make available to customers through CQ.


The benefit of DocLinks is that it provides a tremendous amount of flexibility in presenting your products within the CQ Catalogue. Because these are your materials, you’re controlling the message – telling customers what you want them to know. DocLinks material can be sales-focused, educational, or provide warranty or installation instructions.

As the name DocLinks implies, the best way to submit and have the information in CQ is through links (URLs) to the documents on your own website. This ensures that when you update any materials, customers accessing that info through CQ will have the latest version. We will accept links to your website or any approved, third-party host such as YouTube or Vimeo. If links are not available, we will consider accepting PDFs of the documents. However, because this eliminates automatic updating, this is not the best or preferred method.

One important note – your DocLinks material should not contain or refer to any pricing or price amount. We don’t want any potential contradiction between your most current price list in CQ and your DocLinks.

So, take a minute and review the graphic and what information you can supply that will give customers valuable insight into your products and accessories.

For questions only on this post, the types of information you can supply or the submission process, email

To submit DocLinks information, contact your CQ Content Manager.

Suggested DocLinks Materials
Assembly Instructions


Care & Maintenance


Catalogue Pages

Color Charts




Installation Manuals

Installation & Operation


Marketing Sheets

MAP Policies


Options & Accessories


Owner’s Manuals

Parts Lists

Parts Manuals

Product Guides

Service Manuals

Terms & Conditions


Video Brochures